Business Proposal Format: How To Write a Superior Letter Proposal

In general, there are two types of business proposal formats: the full proposal (formal proposal) and the letter proposal. The full proposal is a longer more complete business proposal that often spans 15 to 100 pages. This is the type of proposal that is often used for public/federal grants. The letter proposal is a shorter, two to five page business proposal, that is primarily used for private sponsors. The focus of this article is on the letter proposal

Essential Requirements Of The “Letter” Business Proposal Format

At the very minimum, the letter proposal must include 2 basic components: the problem to be solved and the solution that you are offering. This is a bit of an oversimplification, as a complete proposal template should include seven basic parts: a summary paragraph, your sponsor appeal, the problem to be solved, your solution, your capabilities or credentials, your budget, and a closing/concluding paragraph. It is important to understand, that the format or template for this proposal is literally a “letter.” Including standard letter components like the date, address of recipient, a salutation (“Dear Mr. Smith”), and a letter closing (“Sincerely,”). Most of these seven parts are self explanatory, so I will focus just two of these components: the problem to be solved and the solution that you are offering.

The Problem to be Solved

The most fundamental component of the “letter” business proposal format is the “problem.” When writing about the problem that you are solving, make sure to express it from the perspective of the sponsor. Remember, their main goal is not funding your project, but rather to solve a problem that they perceive. Show them that you understand their mission and you are “on their side.” Focus on the difference between the current state of affairs and a future where the problem is solved. Focus on the “need” for the improvement from a financial, productivity, or efficiency standpoint.

The Solution

Your job here is to convince the sponsor that you have a solution to their problem and you are confident that your solution will help them. Note: this is the most important component of any business proposal format. Give an overall description of your methodology, but don’t go into too much detail. Make sure you tie the steps and details of your solution to the sponsors needs. Use strong statements that convey confidence like, “I strongly urge you to move forward…” Differentiate yourself from the competition by describing the weaknesses of your competitors approach.

In Summary

In this article about the “letter” business proposal format, I have stressed examples of content that will make your business proposal standout. You should be able to write your proposal using a standard word processor and a letter template. Following these guidelines will greatly increase your chances of success. If you choose to outsource this task to save yourself time, you may want to consider proposal software that can shorten the process for you. Good luck and I wish you success!

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Obtaining Business Letter Templates and Their Benefits

Most of us find writing a formal business letter rather intimidating. This is because formal letters have specific formats that should be followed and many people know very little about these. If you are among the “many” who are not conversant with formal writing, or just want to spice up how you write your business letters, then business letter templates should help you greatly. These templates come already formatted with all business writing needs you may need and should also make your work much easier. They also come with tutorials on how to use, where applicable and many other features you will find educative.

Formal letters are mostly used as a means of communication between businesses, clients and even customers. They are only used to address official matters hence the reason why a formal format should be followed. With technology and the social media corrupting how official letters should be written, businesses and organizations today are being forced to download or buy business letter templates, which is an initiative to help employees maintain the ‘formal’ theme.

Benefits of Writing Formal Letters

Formal letters are highly regarded as the only official way of communication via mail, and entities respect that. Downloading or buying business letter templates will benefit your business in the following ways:

1. Creating/Developing company image: As mentioned above, formal letters are used as an official communication method, and adopting this format helps develop as well as build your company image. Writing or printing a formal letter in your company’s letterhead gives it an extra punch. This is the reason why companies have continued to use formal letters even in electronic mails among many other channels.

2. Time- saving: Unless you are accustomed to writing formal letters, formatting a business letter can be intimidating for first-timers. This makes them spend lots of time formatting and designing a letter which would have taken a few minutes to clear if the person had a template of the same. Having these templates ready in everyone’s computer within your company will therefore save you time and money as well.

3. Documented evidence: As long as the business letter was formally written and printed on the company’s letterhead, it automatically qualifies to be a documented evidence and proof. This acts as the company’s signature to the outside world, meaning spammers and other malicious people cannot dwindle your customers for they know how formal letter from your company look like.

4. Strengthening mutual relationship: Formal letters play a major role by strengthening communication between the company and its customers/clients. The likelihood of a formal business letter being opened and read is higher than spammy informal ones.

5. Designing company letter envelopes: Designing and having a custom made company envelope can be intimidating. Nonetheless, these letter templates come fully packed with different designs and tips on how to create your own company’s envelopes for mailing purposes. Official company letters and envelopes can also help increase your company/brand awareness, and this is good for the company as well.

Obtaining these formal letter templates is very easy. All you need to do is identify a company that deals with these and make a custom order.

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Proper Business Letter Creation

If you are in the business world, then creating a business letter is no longer new to you. It is a normal part of the business world because of lots of announcements, acknowledgments, appointments, authorization letter and many others. As you use business letter format, you are communicating with a sense of professionalism. A good business letter doesn’t need to be too long. Remember that you are writing with businessmen and with busy people. You don’t have all their time. Three paragraphs would be good enough.

The first paragraph of a business letter should contain the main point of the letter. You can start with a friendly opening then quickly proceed with the main point. Be specific. Use a few sentences to explain your purposes but remember no to go for further detail until the next paragraph.

The second paragraph should now contain the accurate details of the purpose of the letter. The second paragraph is the backbone of the purpose you have mention in the first paragraph. This is an important part because it will give justification or reasoning on why you wrote a letter to the reader. The second paragraph is also called the body of the letter. This is also the part where you can insert more information about you or more information about the reason you wrote.

Lastly, the last paragraph should tell the importance of the letter. If you are writing for an employment better put your contact information in the last paragraph. On the other hand, if you are writing because you want to inform the reader, the last paragraph should contain your appreciation for the reader’s time. The last paragraph should end with a call to action. It should also contain your hope that the reader will respond to your letter.

Business letter should be short yet clear to take into consideration the time of the reader. If you are sending a letter enclosed with additional documents, don’t forget to put an enclosure line. Also if your letter is not for a single person alone it is best to include carbon copy of the letter for the other receiver or receivers.

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How to Write an Effective Business Letter to Get Hired

Many experts say that the key to getting hired is a professional business letter or resume. More important than the experience and achievements you put on your job letter or resume is the format in which it is presented. Some very high level guidelines are to always present a effective and concise cover letter which quickly summarized why you are the perfect person for the job. The business letter or resume should always be presented in person on high quality paper printed with a high quality printer. The way to not get thrown into the stack of resumes and overlooked is really quite simple. Format the job letter properly, present in person, act professional and really just make the employer know that you will do the job better than any candidate and will produce immediate results.

This is not a lecture on interviewing but your job letter or resume is in a sense your first round of the interview. You must prove with the job letter that you can effectively communicate your skills and reason to hire. Your job letter should be a culmination and holistic view of who you are and what you are going to provide to your employer.

Looking to local university professionals on the latest business letter formats is a must as many employers these days have automated machines which systematically look for specific attributes in job letters. This format changes about every two to three months and universities are given this format. It is a must to follow the formatting, length and instruction provided by the university job letter format. Taking the basics into consideration the best way to get hired is to not only submit the job letter through the institutional HR process but to do your research and deliver a hard copy of the job letter to the person or group of people whom will actually be hiring you.

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Having a Business Letter Format Makes Writing a Business Letter a Breeze

We will all go through writing a business letter at least once in our lifetime. It does not matter if you are an employee, an owner, a stay-at-home mom (or dad) that has her own business at home; we all have to go through writing it. It cannot be avoided!

To be able to write an efficient and effective business letter, you have to know your purpose for writing one. It can be informational, persuasive, motivational or promotional. You have to know that there are business letter formats that you can follow. With the format, it is now easier to make a letter that looks and sound professional. But the format does not include the words that you are going to write.

Just remember that you should use words that are clear and concise. Never be vague especially if you are trying to ask something from your recipient. Most people will not have the patience or the time to decipher what you are saying. Besides, nobody assumes in the corporate world. So many mistakes have already been made when one assumes or guesses what the other party wants. Just make your point in as less words as possible. Do not put unnecessary details into your letter.

So even if you are writing a complaint letter, remember to always remain professional. Simply state the problem, remain polite and respectful and do avoid threats and most especially curse words. Do not worry because once you get a hold of a business letter format, writing your business letter will become a breeze.

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